The following is a list of the principal publications written by research fellows funded by our charity:

A Comparison of Implants for the Internal Fixation of the Spine
Denton JS MS thesis 1990

A Study of the Mechanical Stability of Scoliosis Constructs using Variable Number of Sublaminar Wires.
Gadgil A, Ahmed EB, Rahmatalla A, Dove J European Spine Journal 11, 321-6 2002
This paper won the Spine Society of Europe's Clinical Science Award.

Accuracy Assessment of Pedicle Screw Placement using Navitrak.
Kurta IC, Dove J. JBJS 84B 95 2002

An Investigation into the Biomechanics of Segmental Spinal Fixation.
Crawford RJ MSc thesis 1992

Anterior Cervical Fusion in Cervical Disc Disease.
Gupta A. MCh(Orth) thesis 1987

Anterior Interbody Spinal Fusion: The Hartshill Horseshoe.
Hasan MT MD thesis 1996

Assessment of Anterio-Posterior Ground Reaction Force During Scoliotic Gait, Clinical Anatomy
Vol 15, pp236. In association with University of Staffordshire

Biomechanical Characterisation of Surgical Spinal Fixation using the Pedicle Site.
PhD thesis 1990

Combined Anterior and Posterior Surgery for Scoliosis: The Use of the Hartshill System.
Valentine N, Dove J JBJS 72B 335 1990

Development and Assessment of a Device for Anterior Spinal Fusion.
Valentine N, Sell P, Dove J, Hastings G. JBJS 72B 336 1990

Development of a Degradable Composite for Orthopaedic Use.
Boeree N, Dove J, Cooper JJ, Knowles JC, Hastings G. Biomaterils vol14 10 793-6 1993

Direct Pneumatic Pressure in a Clamping Technique During Strain Gauge Bonding.
Sell PJ, Crawshaw AH. Strain 25 21-3 1989

Finite Analysis of the Hartshill Horseshoe.
Tunstall N MSc thesis 1994

Load and Surface Strain Measurement of a Spinal Fixation Device.
Sell P, Dove J. JBJS 72B 336 1990

Measurement of Cervical Spine Movement using Fastrak.
Harcourt W, Rahmatalla A, Dove J. JBJS 79B 116 1997

Pedicle Screws: Axial Pull-Out Strength in the Lumbar Spine.
Sell PJ, Collins M, Dove J Spine 1988, 13, 1075

Study of the Mechanical Properties of Materials used for Sublaminar Fixation.
Crawford RJ, Sell PJ, Ali MS, Dove J JBJS 1989 71B 151

Traction Radiography Performed under General Anesthetic:
A New Technique for Assessing Idiopathic Scoliosis Curves. Spine.
29(21):2466-2470, November 1, 2004.
Davis, Ben J MRCS, Gadgil, Anirudh FRCS, Trivedi, Jayesh FRCS +;Ahmed, El-Nasri B. FRCS

Tensile Properties of the Annulus Fibrosus.
Green TP, Adams MA, Dolan P. European Spine Journal 2: 209-14 1993

The Hartshill System for Spinal Fixation; A Biomechanical Study.
Valentine N, Rahmatalla A, Sell PJ, Dove J. JBJS 72B 1088 1990

The Implanted Electrical Resistance Strain Gauge: In Vivo Studies on Disc Integrity.
Crawshaw A PhD thesis 1993

The Role of CAOS in the Training of Junior Orthopaedic Surgeons:
Pedicle Screw Placement in Porcine Lumbar Spines.
Kurta, I.C., Richards, P.J., Dove, M., Jasani, V., Wynn Jones, C.H., Rahmatalla, A., MacKenzie, G., and, Dove, J.
COAS International June19,  2002 New Mexico